The College Library

At the College library, you will find relevant literature for your studies. The library is highly prioritized as a resource for all students and all affiliated with the college.

The library is primarily a service for the pupils, students and employees of PI/SPS, but can also be used by private individuals and institutions with social and educational related work.

Registration can be inquired personally or by telephone. The following information is required to be registered as a library user:

  • Full name
  • CPR. No.
  • Home address
  • Private tel.
  • Workplace

Materials are normally lent to you for a period of one month, unless you are told differently. The loans can also be extended by contacting the library.


Greenlandic / Danish pedagogical terminology

PI/SPS has developed a glossary in which pedagogical and psychological terms are translated into Greenlandic. The book can be purchased for DKK 75 + postage by contacting the library or the administration.